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Since September, 2001, Tom Egan and World Online have assisted over 3,000 clients in the hospitality, food service, entertainment and travel industries to captivate customers for their tourism business.  Take a moment, browse through our various client success stories, then get in touch to begin engaging  customers to build and expand your tourism business 


There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein
  • The best of the best! Tom definitely knows how to move, he always knows exactly how! If you want Professionalism, Tom is the man!
  • una empresa líder y con basta experiencia en el medio, sus proyectos son de calidad y muy efectivos, - por cierto ya necesitamos apoyo para otro proyecto ahora en guadalajara, gracias.
  • I had the pleasure of working with Tom Egan on a huge web project where he acted as a technical consultant. Tom's knowledge, skills and ability to keep things on an even keel are first rate. I'm happy to work with Tom any time.
  • Tom introduced us to the wonderful world of Joomla and did our initial website redesign in 2007. We've been working with him ever since, through numerous updates, feature enhancements and facelifts. He brings innovation, intuition and experience to life, always thinking about alterative solutions and ways to improve our web presence. We continue to rely on his expert support and guidance.
  • In these digital times, customers are more difficult to find than ever. Tom and his team have honed their skills and deliver a rare combination of genuine concern, true skill, and valuable results. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  •  Five Stars!
  • Tom and his team bring honesty, integrity, and reliability combined with great skill, genuine concern and fantastic results in these digital times where customers are so hard to find. I would highly recommend Tom and his great team.
  • I have known Tom for many years now, and he is the most dedicated, honest, and knowledgeable individual in his field of pursuit that I have ever know. I would not hesitate to give him the reins of any project that he may be involved in. Within the digital internet world, he is a master.
  • I have known Tom for a very long time. His knowledge of the computer and computer related business is outstanding. I have seen him invent, create and master many technological discoveries. It appears to me that his skills are limitless. Tom and his team stay at the task until the project is completed. They stay up to pace with the ever changing computer world. I don't know how they keep up, but they do. I've never seen a team so dedicated to solving fast rising situations. He and his team have been life savers many times over.
  • As an entrepreneur there are many challenges one must overcome. With the fast growing social media industry I needed someone who was trustworthy, reliable, dependable, worked within my budget and very knowledgeable of the technology world. Tom Egan surpassed all my expectations. Not only is he a great web designer he is intelligent business man as well.
  • Five Stars!

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